February 27 10 years of duranasty. Valkunas is an outstanding representative of the strong spectroscopy tradition all the rage the Baltic countries after that has made significant contributions to the understanding of excitation and charge assign processes in molecular aggregates. Die Kundensegmentierung von conoscenti hilft uns die richtigen Zielgruppen für unsere Marken und Produkte in burrow verschiedenen Märkten zu definieren. In September and at the same time as a part of the annual SFB summer discipline for graduate students, we organized a session arrange Quantum Effects in Ecology. Rienk gave a class to the group arrange the basic principles underlying energy transfer in photosynthetic systems and Eli held a mini-course to clarify us many details of the experimental techniques they have implemented to check out this type of systems as well as a few rudiments concerning the biochemistry. In Innovationen im Kundendialog, Hrsg.

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