Flyver CupCopenhagen Denmark. Budapest CupBudapest, Hungary. Flyver CupCopenhagen Denmark. Cup of PrikamyePerm Russia. Kristalcup GhentGhent Belgium.

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Bulles de Troyes White NightsSt. Gliss Extra, Tallinn Estonia. Juna Skate OpenTallinn, Estonia. Copenhagen Dance Cup, CopenhagenDenmark. Isu Adults Competition, Vancouver - Canada. Only designed for bronze level.

Adulti In France 2018 Online Incontro Brescia-18841

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Minsk Arena CupMinsk, Belarus. Ball Only, also Solo Ball. British Adult Championship June: Hoernle Cup Balingen, Germany. Juna CupTallinn. Cup of PrikamyePerm Russia. Flyver CupCopenhagen Denmark.

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British Adult Championship June: Starlight Challenge, Eindhoven - The Netherland. Link 03 June: Bulles de Troyes

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Scherbin MeetingMoscow Russia. Link 02 - Gliss Open Tallin, Estonia. Link 31 - 01 april: Starlight Argue with, Eindhoven - The Netherland. Easter SkateRiihimaki, Finland. Hoernle Cup Balingen, Germany. Flyver CupCopenhagen Denmark. Skate Asia www. Coupe des Druides, Toulouse, France. Bulles de Troyes

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